Light Bringer

Light Bringer Launch

The South Bend Museum of Art featured The Light Bringer​ interactive exhibit. Visitors wrote their stories in notebooks, condensed their stories to a message or image, and transferred the images to a provided feather cut from recyclable containers. The feathers are incorporated into the sculpture to weave our collective story.

Light Bringer Travels

Social Action Project invites you to be part of speaking justice into existence. This is a traveling exhibit using art to transform dialogue into community action for peace and justice. Add your story! By listening to one another, we activate paths to social justice. Visit Social Action Project on Facebook to find out how.

A Gathering of Faiths

Partnering with believers from religious and religious communities from across the region, Social Action Project hosted an interfaith Gathering to ask, How do we transform interfaith dialogues into collective action to confront challenges created by systemic disparities and traumas.

Light Bringer Cometh

The Light Bringer is a 6 foot tall sculpture that was created by Umcebo Design in South Africa and commissioned by IU South Bend’s Social Action Project. The goal of this life-size piece of art is to allow the general public to share their stories and to understand the roots of their shared experiences living in today’s complicated world.

Songs Across the Divide

Human rights should be protected for all especially when you have already survived an earthquake, cholera, and a hurricane The people of Mozayik needed us to hear their story. Augustine Mona performed original music to save Village Mozayik, Ayiti(Haiti).