Public Intellectuals

Inserting ourselves into the conversation about the world we’ll live in come 2050. Public forums held at the Indiana University South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center attended by community, faculty, and students from institutions around the city of South Bend, Indiana.  

7 October 2016 Special Guest: Augustine Mona, Port au Prince, Ayiti(Haiti)
Songs Across the Divide

Human rights should be protected for all, especially when you have already survived an earthquake, cholera, and a hurricane. The people of Mozayik need us to hear their story.

Augustine Mona performs original  music to save Village Mozayik, Haiti. Discussion to follow.

4 November 2016
Where does food really come from?

Picture this: Corporate farming in the United States. Food that is unhealthy. Produced by agribusiness that is killing small growers. Damage to the environment. Harmful and abusive practices to both animals and employees.

How can our communities become full participants when growing food is a multimillion dollar, global business – and people are just mouths for making profits?

3 March 2017
ALEC, “Crimmigration”, & Donald Trump: Triple Threat

Learn about corporate involvement in the government through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the criminalization of immigrants in the U.S., and where the President stands on these topics. What threats do each of these pose to American citizens?

7 April 2017

The New Jim Crow and Black Lives Matter: Vigilance Required

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5 April 2019
Dates and times TBA after the COVID-19 shutdown
Burnout, Spirituality, and the Names of the God

SESSION 1:The Old Gods and Invisible Religions of Slavery  — Black history did not start with slavery.

SESSION 2: Religion as Control and Resistance — Rspectability is a terrible, swift, and double-edged sword

SESSION 3: The Old Gods, the Newer Gods, and the One God  The One sees all, knows all, connects us all.  Has Technology become the new religion?

2 December 2016 “Is there another route  for a crooked Outlaw Veteran, a villin, a young thug, who one day shall fall ?  — Tupac
Peace, Violence, and Music

Today’s media bombards us with news of shootings in our neighborhoods. By now we can recite their names, we have done so too often. What can we do beyond the public forums and the BBQs and the kumbaya’s?  Perhaps there are signposts in the music…

6 January 2017
Births of a Nation”: Art or Propaganda

In 1915 the film led to the resurgence of the KKK.   The 2016 remake sought to reclaim the title to challenge racism and white supremacy. What can the two films teach us about healing and sustained systemic change?

3 February 2017
The FBI and the Civil Rights Movement: Someone WAS Watching
The story of political leadership in the black community cannot omit the role of surveillance and infiltration. What lessons do these events offer?             By 2050, how might technology have changed the definitions of “surveillance”, “privacy” and “civil rights?
13 November 2018
1 February 2019
1 March 2019